Pro Photographers Licence

Designer Photoshop templates and marketing materials for professional photographers. Templates designed to appeal to your best clients, with a refined, upscale style that beautifully showcases your images. My goal — deliver valuable products that save you time and grow your business.

• My files are provided in layered PSD.

• You will need basic knowledge of Adobe Photoshop to make changes in templates.
My products are created for professional photographic uses.

• Fonts used with the templates are not included, only the names of the fonts used are  provided with the download.

• Images used in product previews are not included !!

• These templates are compatible with Photoshop CS or higher.
My products are not necessarily compatible with Adobe Photoshop Elements software.
I’m not able to verify their compatibility with each version of PSE or other programs.


Mamrotka designs – Photographer PROFESSIONAL USE Licence:

When you purchase a Mamrotka designs template you are purchasing a limited license to use each design for finished products for your clients and/or for marketing materials for your photography studio. The copyright to the template design itself is retained by Mamrotka designs.

By completing your purchase you agree to the following terms:

You MAY:
• Modify the template any way you like to create FINISHED PRODUCTS (cards, albums, prints and/or other physical printed items and Facebook covers) for yourself and your clients.

• Post flattened finished designs at screen resolution (72ppi) on your blog, website or social media accounts for your own promotional purposes as examples of your completed products, to showcase your own work and to provide approval proofs for your clients.

• Make flattened finished designs at screen resolution (72ppi) available to your clients for them to present your work on their own blogs, website or social media sites.

• Use the actual design, or any design element, of any Mamrotka designs template and misrepresent it as your own work.

• Resell, redistribute or share any Mamrotka designs template in whole or in part for any reason on any online store, forum, your own blog or website, any social media venue or any other online venue.

• Misrepresent the preview images (provided as a courtesy by other photographers or licensed by us for promotional purposes) in any Mamrotka designs template as examples of your own work.

• Please be notified that any Mamrotka designs Pro Photographers products are for personal and pro photographers use.
NO for CU Digital Scrapbook Designers!



Please make sure to check your files one final time before you print. Check colors, bleeds, trim lines and text (fonts, spelling, spacing and color) before sending your files to your lab.

Mamrotka designs will not be held responsible for printing errors.

Thank you for respecting my terms.
EMAIL: For any question, email me at
STORE: ScrapBird –

All rights reserved ©2014

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