Terms Of Use

Mamrotka – Terms Of Use

Personal Use/Scrap For Hire/small business:
The single individual purchaser may use, copy and modify these files for his/her own small business (home-based)
and scrap-for-hire use by respecting the following conditions:

• You may create customs cards, bags, boxes, scrapbook layouts (flattened jpeg), calendars, flyers, brochures, candy bar wrappers, photos albums, e-cards and other similar crafts projects for yourself or for your customers.
• Collage Sheets and ATC Collections purchased from Mamrotka designs may be used for any purpose, be it personal or as a component used to create an object offered for sale,at craft fairs, online craft sites (Etsy, Artfire, etc.) your own web store, with just one non-negotiable exception:
You may not use my collage sheets in whole or in part to create your own resalable collage sheets, digital stamps, iron on transfers, image collections or individual images in printed or digital form.
• Layouts must be supplied to the end customer as a flattened jpeg with photos included or as a final printed product.
At no time you will sell or give away papers, elements, brushes, alphas or any part of a digital kit.
• My kits/papers/elements are tools you use to create a finished product. A template is not considered a finished product.
• You may use my kits to create a website but you have to credit me properly:
“Designs by Mamrotka – http://mamrotka.eu”.
The website must be meant for people of all ages. No obscene, violent, racist or sexist website will be tolerated.
• You may create blinkies, using my products.
• If you make signature tags and stationery designs (such as incredimail email backgrounds), credits are required.
Don’t forget that your tags and backgrounds have to be a flattened jpeg image.

•  You may not claim these graphics as your own (altered / recolored graphics as much as the original ones).
• Creating all kinds of templates, quick pages, sketches, textures packs, alpha sets, brushes, doodles or cutouts to give or to sell is prohibited.
• You may not redistribute, loan, share my kits/papers/elements in any way.
Don’t forget, you can sell a creation not the kits/papers/elements themselves.
• You may not print out my kits/papers/elements and sell them in a store or online (including ebay). Selling my kits/papers/elements is prohibited.
• You may not share my products with your family and friends. Please, send them the link to the store if they are interested in the products.

Commercial Use:

• I create all my papers and elements at 300 dpi. I photograph, paint or scan most of my products myself.
• You can use my CU products by incorporating them in a digital kit (packaged along with other elements) keeping in mind that my elements should not be the primary designs (not more than 30% of your designs must be my commercial use items.)
• You may alter these elements (recolor, add pattern, etc) but you cannot claim the original form
or the altered form as your own.
• You can create S4H/S4O products with my designs.
• You are not allowed to resell, repackage, and/or redistribute these files in original format as it is.
• You are not allowed to create template and commercial products with these files.
• You may not use any of my work for obscene, defamatory or immoral purposes.
• Credits are not required but appreciated.
• FREEBIES are allowed: Freebies are allowed as long as my elements are MODIFIED, not simply recolored.
The end result must be different than the original item. You can make free quick pages of the kit
you created using my CU products as long as the layers are merged.

Vintage Images:

• You are free to profit from these royalty-free and copyright-free images, traditionally and digitally, in both personal and commercial use.
• You are free to use an unlimited amount of these royalty-free and copyright-free images, traditionally and digitally, for both personal and commercial use.
• If you would like to share these images on your web site, please do so. I only ask that you also provide a link back to http://mamrotka.eu/

Thank you for respecting my terms.
EMAIL: For any question, email me at marzena@wrota.net
BLOG: http://mamrotka.eu/
STORES: ScrapBird – http://www.scrapbird.com/

All rights reserved ©2009


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